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March 2021


Peppermint coffee in the window of the Inn Cafe

Three Decadent, Vacation-Worthy Coffee Drinks

Whether you’re a regular coffee drinker, or just need the occasional fix, these delicious and indulgent coffee drinks, all found right at the Inn, are the perfect way to perk up on your vacation. To start the day, or cap it off, don’t miss these cozy specialties. Plus, we’ll recommend some great local stops that you can make to grab a sip while you’re out and about.

1. Irish Cream Coffee

This classic breakfast cocktail can be found at The Sagamore Room, or ordered through in-room dining, and is served hot with a kick that never goes out of style. Bailey’s Irish Cream, Jameson Whiskey, and Whipped Cream make this freshly brewed beverage one you don’t want to miss out on in the morning.

2. Seasonal Creation at the Inn Café

If you’re feeling adventurous, the creative baristas at The Inn Café will serve you up their hand-crafted rotating featured drink, available all day long! Or simply indulge in your favorite latte, machiatto, or cappuccino, complete with a full array of flavors and fixings. Serving Starbucks coffee and espresso, the Inn Café keeps guests caffeinated, and fed with delicious fresh-baked pastries and treats. Discover what they’ve created and stop by during your visit!

3. Bay Harbor Coffee

This dessert drink from Vintage is an indulgent treat for coffee-lovers and sweet-lovers alike! Enjoy this cozy cocktail by the fire inside the restaurant, or order-in and sip in the comfort of your room! Either way, the smooth kick of Hennessy VSOP Cognac paired with Hazelnut and Godiva White Chocolate liqueurs, all piled high with whipped cream, takes this delicious cocktail to a level all its own!

Exploring the area? For a warm-up stop or a taste of local flavors, try these coffee shops scattered around our nearby downtown districts.