Scenic Drives

Head out to explore all of the natural beauty that surrounds us here in Bay Harbor. With several scenic drives available in the area that offer year-round sights and stops, visitors can experience why this area of northern Michigan has been a vacation destination for over 100 years.

The Scenic Route

Spring, summer, fall, and winter all bring with them unique beauty to our corner of northern Michigan. The Inn at Bay Harbor's Concierge can provide additional information on the Tunnel of Trees, Circle Lake Charlevoix, the Jordan River Valley Tour, the Tri-County tour, and more. What will you discover when you take the scenic route?


Tunnel of Trees

The infamous Tunnel of Trees, a stunning, winding drive along Lake Michigan that begins just a few miles north of the Inn, is most popular during the autumn color change, but can be enjoyed during any season. With stops like quaint town of Harbor Springs, the picturesque Good Hart General Store, and historic Legs Inn, this drive is a must for any visitor.

Whether you're ready to meander along the way and make a few memorable stops, or plan on just passing through for the great views, the simple pleasures of a beautiful drive are always worth the time.