Our Commitment to Net Zero Emissions and Building a Sustainable Tomorrow

Boyne Resorts, the Inn's parent company, recognizes human-driven climate change as an urgent issue for the world. In early 2021, we formalized commitments to climate action and announced our ForeverProject. 

ForeverProject is an initiative to attain a sustainable tomorrow through collaboration, by positively affecting the lasting impact our resorts, team members, and guests have on the planet. 


    • Power all operations with 100% clean electricity 
    • Reduce dependence on carbon-based fuels in existing buildings through energy efficiency upgrades and electrification 
    • Develop and implement high-efficiency green building standards for design and construction of new facility and real estate projects  
    • Upgrade our lift networks, installing the most technologically advanced lifts, and enhancing the energy efficiency of lift houses  
    • Install low-energy equipment while expanding snowmaking  
    • Add on-site renewable energy generation projects  
    • Monitor emerging technologies to identify opportunities to maximize efficiency and electrification of fleet vehicles and equipment 
    • Seek partnerships with local and/or meaningful programs to sequester carbon  
    • Expand composting 
    • Enhance recycling 
    • Partner with local and non-profit organizations to donate/repurpose items, from uniforms to equipment 
    • Participate in community environmental clean-ups  
    • Protect and limit disturbances to wildlife habitats, forests, and wetland ecosystems  
    • Conserve water through efficiency upgrades and utilizing recycled water where possible
    • Educate team members on the purpose of specific plans and encourage their input and ideas 
    • Be a leader in the community, educating guests and about sustainability and welcoming their participation in initiatives 
    • Advocate at local, regional, and national levels for policies that promote climate solutions 
    • Invest in Team Member housing to address local housing shortages 
    • Encourage and provide options to team members to utilize sustainable modes of transportation 
    • Develop great people that are invested in helping the resort create change
    • Promote carpooling and sustainable transportation options to and from our properties 
    • Collaborate with local and regional non-profits, government agencies, and community organizations 
Inn at Bay Harbor

Goal of Net Zero by 2030

As a resort built to highlight the beauty of our area’s natural landscape, we’re committed to making a positive and meaningful impact on our environment. By joining the ForeverProject led by our parent company, Boyne Resorts, the Inn has set a goal of reducing carbon emissions to net zero by 2030, with plenty of milestones along the way.

Our Sustainability Effort

Guiding Principles


Create and maintain a culture of reduction: energy use, waste output, water impact; balanced with maximized utilization of our human, technological, natural, and financial resources.


Protect the natural environment unwaveringly, ensuring proper use for purposes related to outdoor recreation, and preserving or rehabilitating the land over which we are stewards.


Support and reward outreach and partnerships that extend beyond all traditional boundaries, providing deeply valuable impact among our team members, and in our communities, industry, and environment for the long term.


The Foundation We've Built

Offset Your Trip

We've partnered with Tradewater so that guests can enjoy the option to do their part to offset their travels.

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