Have questions related to the resort? We're here to help! We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions and answers. Didn't find your answer? Contact us by calling 866.585.8123.

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  • Yes, Inn at Bay Harbor, Crooked Tree Cottages, and Lakeside Cottages are non-smoking.

  • Service animals, as defined by the American's With Disabilities Act (ADA) and Michigan service animal legislation are welcome.Comfort animals, emotional support animals, or therapy dogs are not considered service animals under the ADA guidelines. The Inn at Bay Harbor does not offer pet friendly accommodations; however, there are several boarding facilities nearby.  For boarding options, please contact our Concierge.

  • Enhanced Wi-Fi is included in the resort fee as a lodging guest.  

  • Our outlet hours can be viewed here. Please note, hours are subject to seasonal changes.

  • Breakfast for two is included in all standard and package night stays.  

  • The Inn at Bay Harbor is conveniently and centrally located between Boyne Mountain and The Highlands, about a 25-minute drive to each.  Lift tickets purchased through the Inn offer the choice to ski both resorts. 

  • We do not offer a shuttle service between resorts.

  • The outdoor pool, and Cabana Bar are open seasonally weather dependent from May-September only. Every effort is made to ensure the hot tub stays open year-round.  

Tradewater Partnership

  • We are in the midst of a climate crisis. As a company, we believe that everyone must find ways to reduce and mitigate greenhouse gas emissions if we are going to prevent catastrophic climate change. All businesses, including ours, depend on logistics and human activities that emit carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases that contribute to this crisis. By joining with Tradewater, we are taking steps to measure our emissions, reduce as many as we can, and buy offset credits to account for the rest. With your help, we can have an even greater collective impact than what we could do on our own.

  • Tradewater generates carbon offset credits by collecting and destroying old refrigerants – some of the most potent greenhouse gases ever produced. Though these harmful refrigerants are banned from production, there was no plan created to manage or destroy quantities already produced. It is estimated that existing supplies of some of the oldest refrigerants are equivalent to 9 billion tons of carbon dioxide. If Tradewater does not identify, collect, and destroy them, they will leak into our atmosphere. You can read Tradewater’s latest white paper about why these refrigerant destruction projects lead to the development of high-quality offsets. 

  • Tradewater’s mission is to improve our environment and create economic opportunity through the collection, control, and destruction of potent, high impact greenhouse gases. Like Boyne Resorts, Tradewater believes that companies committed to cleaning up the environment can be just as successful – if not more so – than a company that achieves its goals without regard to environmental impact. 

  • You can start by calculating the carbon footprint your trip will make with our calculator, and then purchase credits to offset that footprint on Tradewater's site. Thank you for joining us in our endeavors!